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Confusing Mix of Nations

CMON (Confusing Mix Of Nations) is Josh Da Costa and Jamen Whitelock, a duo that met in New York where they created the band Regal Degal in 2009. As Regal Degal, they released three EPs and two albums, while touring with bands such as Grizzly Bear, DIIV, and Real Estate. Shortly after their 2015 album Not Now was released, Josh Da Costa moved to Los Angeles where he read more…

Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Mon 3/4/2019 Zebulon Los Angeles, California Scott Gilmore, SFV acid, DJ Kathleen Kim But Tickets
Mon 3/11/2019 Zebulon Los Angeles, California Family Tang, French Kettle Station, DJ JESSPELETA But Tickets
Mon 3/18/2019 Zebulon Los Angeles, California Toucan, Nour Mobarak, DJ Nite Jewel But Tickets
Mon 3/25/2019 Zebulon Los Angeles, California Secret Circuit, John Carroll Kirby, DJ Jimi Hey But Tickets