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Summer / Fall / Winter 2015
Spring 2016


United States


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On the tail of their excellent breakout 2nd LP “Midnight Passenger” on Goner Records, we have a brand new batch of bruisers from Ex-Cult, the Memphis-based punk cyclone that no doubt has laid waste to a town near you recently. Chris Shaw lends a sneering, spitting toughness to the proceedings while the band flays riffs in loose, hairy mosh inducing menace behind him, touching on post-punk, psych sprawl, and early 80s hardcore while remaining beholden to none. They have the power to convert even the most jaded and bored concertgoer into a sweaty mess in the pit, I’ve seen it first hand… punks, scene rats, skaters, skinheads, hardcore kids, druggies – so many disparate groups dig this band it’s like an MRR cartoon waiting to happen. This too-short collection of adrenal-enhancers are road warriors already – the title track’s chants of “trou-ble-finds-me” immediately transports me back to their packed and stanky show at The Smell every time I put the record on – the only problem with this sterling batch of sluggers is that it’s over too quick. – Matt Jones, Castle Face Records read more…


Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Fri 9/4/2015 Crown and the Harp Dallas, Texas
Sat 9/5/2015 1011 San Antonio, Texas
Sun 9/6/2015 Hotel Vegas Austin, Texas
Fri 10/16/2015 The End Nashville, Tennessee But Tickets
Sat 10/17/2015 529 Atlanta, Georgia But Tickets
Sun 10/18/2015 Neptune's Parlour Raleigh, North Carolina But Tickets
Mon 10/19/2015 Comet Ping Pong Washington, DC But Tickets
Tue 10/20/2015 The Pharmacy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania But Tickets
Wed 10/21/2015 Obrien's Pub Allston, Massachusetts But Tickets
Fri 10/23/2015 Alphaville Brooklyn, New York
Sat 10/24/2015 Now That's Class Cleveland, Ohio But Tickets
Sun 10/25/2015 Painted Lady Detroit, Michigan
Mon 10/26/2015 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois But Tickets
Tue 10/27/2015 Café Berlin Columbia, Missouri But Tickets
Mon 11/9/2015 Hi-Tone Memphis, Tennessee Fuzz, Aquarian Blood But Tickets