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La Luz

For most, a brush with death would be cause for retreat, reflection, and reluctance, but Seattle band La Luz found something different in it: resilience. Having survived a high-speed highway collision shortly after releasing their 2013 debut LP It’s Alive, La Luz, despite lasting trauma, returned to touring with a frequency and tirelessness that put their peers to shame. Over the past year-and-a-half of performing, the band arrived at a greater awareness of their music’s ability to whip eager crowds into a frenzy. In response, frontwoman Shana Cleveland’s guitar solos took on a more unhinged quality. The basslines (from newly-installed member Lena Simon) became more lithe and elastic. Stage-dives and crowd-surfing grew to be as indelible a part of the La Luz live experience as their onstage doo-wop-indebted dance moves. read more…


Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Sat 4/28/2018 Levitation Fest Austin, Texas The Garden, Omni But Tickets
Fri 5/11/2018 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, California Ancient Forest
Sat 5/12/2018 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, California Ancient Forest
Sun 5/13/2018 The Miniplex Arcata, California
Mon 5/14/2018 Wow Hall Eugene, Oregon But Tickets
Wed 5/16/2018 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Thu 5/17/2018 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, Washington Savila, Ancient Forest But Tickets
Fri 5/18/2018 Vera Project Seattle, Washington Savila, Ancient Forest But Tickets
Sat 5/19/2018 Aladdin Theatre Portland, Oregon Savila But Tickets
Tue 5/22/2018 The Olympic Boise, Idaho Savila But Tickets
Wed 5/23/2018 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, Utah Savila But Tickets
Thu 5/24/2018 Hodi's Half Note Fort Collins, Colorado Savila But Tickets
Fri 5/25/2018 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado Savila But Tickets
Mon 5/28/2018 O'Leavers Omaha, Nebraska But Tickets
Wed 5/30/2018 The Reader Room St. Louis, Missouri
Thu 5/31/2018 Subterranean Chicago, Illinois Gymshorts But Tickets
Sat 6/2/2018 The Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, Michigan Gymshorts But Tickets
Sun 6/3/2018 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario Gymshorts But Tickets
Mon 6/4/2018 L'ESCO Montreal, Quebec Gymshorts But Tickets
Tue 6/5/2018 Space Gallery Portland, Maine Gymshorts But Tickets
Wed 6/6/2018 Once Lounge and Ballroom Somerville, Massachusetts
Fri 6/8/2018 Public Arts New York, New York Gymshorts But Tickets
Sat 6/9/2018 Northside Festival Brooklyn, New York But Tickets
Sun 6/10/2018 Underground Arts Black Box Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Timothy Eerie
Mon 6/11/2018 Songbyrd DC Washington, DC Timothy Eerie But Tickets
Tue 6/12/2018 The Pinhook Durham, North Carolina Timothy Eerie But Tickets
Wed 6/13/2018 The Earl Atlanta, Georgia Timothy Eerie But Tickets
Thu 6/14/2018 The Root Jacksonville, Florida
Fri 6/15/2018 Santos New Orleans, Louisiana
Tue 6/19/2018 Paper Tiger San Antonio, Texas But Tickets
Wed 6/20/2018 Monarch El Paso, Texas
Thu 6/21/2018 Club Congress Tucson, Arizona Summer Twins But Tickets
Fri 6/22/2018 Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles, California But Tickets