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Spring / Summer / Fall 2014


United States

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Marnie Stern

There’s little doubt that Marnie Stern lives up to her reputation as “the lady who shreds,” but for Marnie, shredding is not enough. After putting out three critically-acclaimed albums, Marnie could have gotten away with putting out another album filled with her richly layered sound, singular frenetic finger tapping and almost philosophical lyrics. However, as anyone who has given her last few albums a good listen can tell, Marnie is not one to stand still. Instead she attacks her musical evolution with full frontal bravado, reveling in musical risk instead of relaxing in the comforts of the known. For Marnie, musical possibility drives her ambition. read more…


Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Fri 10/31/2014 Subterranean Chicago, Illinois Phantom Fest But Tickets
Sat 11/1/2014 Gramps Bar Miami, Florida Brooklyn Brewery MASH