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Fall / Winter 2017
Spring 2018
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United States


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Naomi Punk

DIY, psychedelic, primitive, lo-fi, and indie are all words used and abused to describe the current crop of Generation Y’s transgressive music makers, the aught’s response to the singular, wholly influential path laid out by countless ’90s lone wolf, road-doggin’ bands who shaped the current independent music landscape. But how many groups actually fit this model and do it any justice in 2014? read more…

Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Tue 9/12/2017 Lilypad Cambridge, Massachusetts
Wed 9/13/2017 Vitrola Montreal
Thu 9/14/2017 Night Owl Festival Toronto, ON But Tickets
Thu 9/14/2017 The Baby G Toronto, Ontario Night Owl Festival But Tickets
Fri 9/15/2017 Night Owl Festival Toronto, ON But Tickets
Sat 9/16/2017 Night Owl Festival Toronto, ON But Tickets
Sun 9/17/2017 Night Owl Festival Toronto, ON But Tickets
Mon 9/18/2017 The Hideout Chicago, Illinois But Tickets
Tue 9/19/2017 The Frequency Madison, Wisconsin
Wed 9/20/2017 Turf Club St. Paul, Minnesota But Tickets
Fri 9/22/2017 Total Drag Records Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sat 9/23/2017 O'Leavers Omaha, Nebraska But Tickets
Sun 9/24/2017 Café Berlin Columbia, Missouri
Mon 9/25/2017 The Opolis Norman, Oklahoma
Wed 9/27/2017 Transit Bike Co. Dallas, Texas But Tickets
Thu 9/28/2017 Mohawk (Inside Stage) Austin, Texas But Tickets
Sun 10/1/2017 The Wilbury Tallahassee, Georgia
Mon 10/2/2017 529 Atlanta, Georgia But Tickets
Tue 10/3/2017 DRKMTTR Nashville, Tennessee
Wed 10/4/2017 Al's Bar Lexington, Kentucky
Thu 10/5/2017 Mr. Roboto Project Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fri 10/6/2017 Comet Ping Pong Washington, DC
Sat 10/7/2017 The Sound Hole Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mon 10/9/2017 Brooklyn Bazaar Brooklyn, New York Shimmer + Lea Bertucci But Tickets