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Night Shop

Night Shop is the new solo project from Justin Sullivan, drummer for such people and bands as: Kevin Morby, The Babies, and Flat Worms. They are preceded by many more, as he has toured in bands for the past 18 years. His debut e.p. was recorded at Compn’y Studios in Los Angeles, engineered by Drew Fisher (Kevin Morby, The Babies, Girl Pool) and is comprised of world weary, melancholy songs read more…

Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Fri 9/21/2018 White Schoolhouse Lawrence, Kansas Waxahatchee, Anna St. Louis But Tickets
Thu 10/4/2018 Hotel Congress Tucson, Arizona Shannon Lay
Sat 10/6/2018 Hotel Vegas Austin, Texas Shannon Lay
Sun 10/7/2018 Club Dada Dallas, Texas Shannon Lay But Tickets
Mon 10/8/2018 The End Nashville, Tennessee Shannon Lay
Tue 10/9/2018 The Bishop Bar Bloomington, Indiana Shannon Lay But Tickets
Wed 10/10/2018 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois Shannon Lay But Tickets
Thu 10/11/2018 Mortimers Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota Shannon Lay
Fri 10/12/2018 Decade Lawrence, Kansas Shannon Lay
Tue 10/16/2018 Zebulon Los Angeles, California Shannon Lay