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Summer / Fall / Winter 2017
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Ultimate Painting

Drop City was a community formed by a small group of American artists in 1965. It was the first real commune, pre-summer of love, inspired by the happenings of Allan Kaprow, Fluxos and John Cage. The artists’ most celebrated collaboration was a piece they called ‘The Ultimate Painting’.  Ultimate Painting are James Hoare and Jack Cooper. They’re a band.  read more…


Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Mon 7/17/2017 Summer Stage Central Park New York, New York
Wed 7/19/2017 DC9 Washington, DC But Tickets
Thu 7/20/2017 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Rosali & The Middlemen But Tickets
Fri 7/21/2017 Sonia's Cambridge, Massachusetts But Tickets
Sat 7/22/2017 Brasserie Beaubien Montreal, Quebec
Sun 7/23/2017 Velvet Underground Toronto, Ontario But Tickets
Mon 7/24/2017 The Bishop Bar Bloomington, Indiana But Tickets
Tue 7/25/2017 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois But Tickets