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Summer / Fall / Winter 2017
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United States


Walter TV

Hailing from Vancouver, Walter TV was originally composed of Joseph McMurray, Pierce McGarry, and Simon Ankenman.

In 2011, after a recording session with Karl Blau in Anacortes, WA, the trio dispersed. McMurray and McGarry moved to Montreal, while Ankenman went his separate way to pursue an “outdoors-inspired” lifestyle.

In Montreal, McGarry and McCurray moved into an apartment with Mac DeMarco and a rotating cast of friends. It was there, in their small apartment, that they recorded their cult breakthrough album, Appetite.

Upon his signing to Captured Tracks, DeMarco recruited McGarry and McMurrary for his touring band and Walter TV was put on hold. However, despite their shift in priorities, the duo continued to develop the music of Walter TV in any spare time they had.

The creative process of Walter TV is free form and organic, with each member’s input equally valuable as the others. The result of this artistic autonomy is a unique sound built upon frenetic percussion, warbling vocals, abstract guitar, and a resonant bass line.

Appetite will be re-released August 26th on Sinderlyn, fully remastered and featuring NUMBER new tracks, thus re-introducing Walter TV into the world and serving as a precursor of what’s to come in 2015. read more…