Panache welcomes agents John Bohannon and Scott Davis to our NY office.

Panache is thrilled to welcome two new agents to our New York office. John Bohannon, formerly at Strange Victory Touring is bringing over his roster of artists that include Hubble, Gary War, Wooden Wand, Raleigh Moncrief, Simon Joyner, Rhyton, D Charles Speer and the Helix, and Donovan Quinn. We are pleased to have John as part of the Panache family. We are also pleased to introduce you to Scott Davis, who will be working with an exciting roster of artists that include Maria Minerva, Pop.1280, Gap Dream, MV & EE, & Dignan Porch amongst others. Another new addition to the roster this week is NY’s Gatekeeper, who will be touring around their upcoming release on Hippos In Tanks this summer. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be announcing several other new artists as we continue to expand our NY office. At Panache, we believe in prioritizing each of our artists, placing their needs first while acting as a foundation for creating a successful, prominent and long term career as musicians. John and Scott’s enthusiastic approach to booking and desire to creatively match their artists’ energy with the rooms/environments they book compliments Panache’s ideology well. We are thrilled to welcome them to the family.