Chunky Shrapnel

Chunky Shrapnel

CHUNKY SHRAPNEL is a feature-length live music documentary from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, directed by John Angus Stewart. Literally bringing the audience onto the stages of their 2019 tour across Europe and the UK, CHUNKY SHRAPNEL offers a uniquely immersive experience never before captured on film,  a musical road movie dipped in turpentine. […]


Artist Updates

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard share documentary about upcoming album & new single “Hog Calling Contest”
Brooklyn Vegan

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have shared a second song from their soon-to-be-released 26th album Flight b741. “Hog Calling Contest” definitely has a honky tonk twang to it, in the band’s own inimitable way. “While recording Flight b741, we occasionally had these ultra inspired tune-up/warm-up jams,” say the band. “Of course, we were never actually recording during these moments though. Lost to time. Except one time; This time. We learnt to record these moments; ‘Daily Blues’ came together this way too. But ‘Hog Calling Contest’ retains a unique unhinged-ness that only comes when you’re fooling around with your mates and you don’t think you’re being recorded. Happy in mud!”

Also out today is Oink Oink Flight b741: The Making of… which is a 15 minute mini documentary about the new album. Says director Guy Tyzak, “We were tasked with capturing the band make an album from scratch in two weeks, they purposefully didn’t prepare much for the recordings so it was very difficult for me to plan what to film,” Tyzack says. “I just knew they’d be in one room and three of them might drop out at any moment because they were expecting babies. The room looked brown and boring so I painted it like the sky to match the theme of the album in one 17hr stretch with three friends and a slab of mids.”

Jess Cornelius — CARE/TAKING
Double J

“It’s always a treat to check in on Jess Cornelius’ and her sonic evolution every few years. And despite her recent rollercoaster ride, it’s encouraging to hear her artistry continue to grow as she faces her ongoing journey with resilience and sincerity”

The 42 Best Albums of 2024 So Far

“Three Bells, is one of [Ty’s] most ambitious to date, a progressive psychedelic opus that’s at times playful and freewheeling, but invariably returns to moments of more intricate sprawl

Three Bells finds [Ty] properly flexing his most creative muscles, following flights of fancy into weird and exciting places”

New Music Discoveries May 10th
The AU Review

We fell in love with Jess Cornelius in her former band, Teeth & Tongue, and she is on the cusp of releasing her second solo album,  CARE/TAKING out June 14th. “Laps In The Drugstore”, is the latest single from Jess, and features her beautiful melodies, a cativating guitar line, stabbing piano keys and has a cracking video as well.

King Gizzard Crown New Label With Jay Watson/Ambrose Kenny-Smith LP

Australian sextet King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are folding their own KGLW label into a new entity, (p)doom Records, which will not only put out their new and archival music moving forward but also that of their individual band members, friends and collaborators. First out of the gate on July 19 will be Ill Times, the debut pairing of Tame Impala/Pond/GUM principal Jay Watson and Gizzard multi-instrumentalist Ambrose Kenny-Smith. The title track is available now

The 63 Most Anticipated Tours of 2024


Punk icons Bikini Kill will hit the road starting this summer for a North American tour. It will follow the release of lead singer Kathleen Hanna’s memoir, Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk, which hits shelves in May. The tour begins in Los Angeles this August and includes stops in San Francisco, Toronto, Brooklyn, and more, with support from Comet Gain, Big Joanie, Tropical Fuck Storm, Snoozers, and R.Aggs.



The beloved and prolific Australian weirdos King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are touring a lot this year in support of their latest album, The Silver Chord. After a successful string of March festival dates in South America, the band has dates slated for May with Grace Cummings across the United Kingdom and Europe. Then, the group will head to North America for shows in August, September, and November. Crowds in Forest Hills, New York, on August 17; Chicago, Illinois, on September 1; Quincy, Washington, on September 14; and Austin, Texas, on November 15 are also getting the band’s famous three-hour “marathon shows.”

Ty Segall, Among Others

Were Ty Segall to start his entire career over again, he might not do it under the name Ty Segall.

It’s a bit late for that now, well over a decade since he emerged as the princeling of San Francisco’s garage rock revival. Back then, he was a college student in a city vibrating with the heady optimism of Obama’s first term, where you could still rent a house in the Mission with your friends and without being employed by Google. The goal was to be successful, not recognizable. Now, at least within the context of independent music, he is both. It has made him aware of recognition’s discontents, or at least how it can get in the way of being a regular person dealing with people in a regular way. And he is, he claims, a regular person in his mid-30s with a wife and daughter who just so happens to have a double-digit number of albums to his name.

Bikini Kill Announce 2024 North American Tour Dates

Bikini Kill have expanded their 2024 tour dates with a newly-announced run of shows in North America.

The riot grrrl legends will kick off their 2024 tour dates in Mexico City on March 3rd, making stops across South America and Europe before returning to the United States with a show in Los Angeles on August 15th. From there, they’ll hit cities including San Fransisco, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, and more, before wrapping up in Baltimore on September 11th.

Bikini Kill announce summer North American tour
Brooklyn Vegan

Bikini Kill have announced a new round of North American tour dates for 2024. The outing follows their March shows in Mexico and South America and a tour of Europe and the UK in June, beginning in Los Angeles on August 15 and running through September 11 in Baltimore. See all dates below.

500 Best Songs of All Time
Rolling Stone

“When she talks, I hear the revolution/In her hips, there’s revolution,” Kathleen Hanna announced on “Rebel Girl,” the Nineties riot-grrrl battle cry that has come to be revered as perhaps the greatest feminist punk anthem of all time. The song is so potent the band recorded and released it three different times, each with a more joyful focus. The most famous version remains the B side of the band’s astounding “New Radio” single, with producer and guitar ringer Joan Jett singing background vocals and adding guitar.

Singer-songwriter Jess Cornelius to perform at Space Ballroom
Finding Connecticut

While the sonic tones and textures on the album evoke certain classic staples of Americana, soul and rock and roll, Cornelius’ lyrics anchor the songs to a deeply personal place. Described by Pitchfork as “funny, self-effacing, and honest” she sings of a miscarriage, a messy romantic affair, and the frustrations that come with having a partner. As a result, the songs showcase her gift for delivering a devastating line over the most soothing of sounds.

Jess Cornelius Announces New Album, Out 6/14 Via Tender Loving Empire Records, & North American Tour
Vents Magazine

Today, New Zealand-raised, Los Angeles-based artist Jess Cornelius announces her sophomore album CARE/TAKING, out June 14th via her new label Tender Loving Empire Records, and a North American tour. In conjunction, she presents the album’s lead single/video, “People Move On.” Cornelius writes arresting songs that capture the disorientation and endless possibilities of being in flux. On CARE/TAKING, she sings of personal upheaval with striking lucidity and emotional nimbleness.

Jess Cornelius – CARE/TAKING
Fem Music

Today, New Zealand-raised, Los Angeles-based artist Jess Cornelius announces her sophomore album CARE/TAKING, out June 14th via her new label Tender Loving Empire Records, and a North American tour.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK Ty Segall – Three Bells
Treble Zine

A new album from Ty Segall during any 12-month period once seemed like a certainty. The psych/garage singer/songwriter has probably forgotten about more songs he’s written than most of us could ever hope to commit to tape, and with a standard of quality that’s hovered reliably between kickass and raucously fun. He released 10 of his 15 studio albums in a seven-year stretch, making the most of a good idea before it goes stale, his most white-hot streak arriving in 2012 as the noise punk squall of Slaughterhouse, the lo-fi scratch of Hair and the garagey swagger of Twins all arrived within months of each other. By the time he’d let us hear what kind of new permutation of his fuzz-swathed psychedelic rock he’s been working on, the next two or three were likely already underway.

Ty Segall on Reaching Epic New Heights with Three Bells
Flood Magazine

The 15th solo album from the prolific songwriter is epic, indeed. Its sprawling 15-track mosaic includes plenty of recognizable chunks from Segall’s usual musical touchstones (guitar psychedelia, garage rock, early-’70s glam and prog) which he keeps finding arresting new ways to mix, match, and juxtapose. With the exception of the heavy-riffing “Move,” which was recorded with members of his Freedom Band, Segall plays drums on all of Three Bells’ tracks, a move which helps give the album its quirky sense of internal logic.

Album Review: Ty Segall Continues His Prolific Output With ‘Three Bells’

If you believe in everything having a natural ebb and flow, then you probably think that an artist’s creative output has at least one dud. Out of all the great things someone can do, there’s always an instance of something being mediocre or subpar. It’s part of the deal when it comes to forging an artistic endeavor, but there are outliers who counteract this particular notion. One of them is Ty Segall, who has put out a ton of music throughout his career as both a solo musician and in a variety of bands. I haven’t heard anything lacking in quality from the Los Angeles based dynamo since I became a fan of his over a decade ago and his 15th studio album Three Bells that came out via Drag City Records today (January 26) moves this trend forward.

Ty Segall Brings A Shaman Psych Force On Ambitious ‘Three Bells’ (ALBUM REVIEW)
Glide Magazine

Just when you thought you knew everything about the modern renaissance man Ty Segall, he released a new album. Segall’s imaginative world of psychedelic garage rock seems to make a hyperbolized impression of itself on Three Bells, the monstrous new LP. Imagine walking into a carnival on another planet, colors unrecognizable to the human eye dancing like LED lights in a blurry photo as Segall plays contortionist with his vocals for his most ambitious and satisfying album to date. Once you hit play, you have fully entered the world of Three Bells so make sure you are comfortable and prepare to be amazed by the sonic wizardry of Ty Segall.

Ty Segall’s ‘Three Bells’ Rings with Clarity

One of our most prolific and seemingly tireless songwriters, Ty Segall has never shied away from trying something new. On his latest album Three Bells, the Laguna Beach, California musician draws on some of his favourite, lasting influences — psych rock, folk, heavy metal — and twists them to produce one of his most conceptual and narratively clarified records.

Ty Segall Releases The Best Video of the Year
Culture Fiend

Kudos to Ty Segall, who won the internet today by releasing the video and tune “My Best Friend.”

Since 2008, Ty Segall has played out his hunger to be free through a dozen solo LPs, a variety of collaborative projects, and a rippling eclecticism of songs, sounds and production, all conversing from album to album in a mad diversity of voices. This search continues with Ty’s newest album, Three Bells, a fifteen song journey to the center of the self with Ty pushing the limits in his writing and performance, casting light on his inner psyche. Today, leading into the album’s January 26th release via Drag City, Ty welcomes the new year with “My Best Friend,” a new single and video and the final song to be released prior to the full unveiling of Three Bells. It follows the previously released Three Bells’ numbers: “Void,” “Eggman,” and “My Room.

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