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Summer/Fall 2022


United States

Ural Thomas and The Pain

Walking through the residential heart of Portland’s Mississippi district, you’ll come across a lot that first appears to be a lumberyard. Behind the piles of wood you’ll find a charming wooden house under the overcast Oregon sky. Flickers of animated voices and music and laughter become more audible as you approach. After you knock on the door, it opens to the sweet smell of home cooking as warm as the house’s visual ambiance. This local landmark is the home of soul legend Ural Thomas built by hand with found materials decades ago. If you wander down the stairs you’ll find a practice space the soul man built for neighborhood kids to rehearse on Sundays after church. The basement is overflowing with musical equipment. And everything from the drums to the mics to the amps are set up and ready for you to plug in and play. read more…