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Exclaim! interview Mikal Cronin ahead of MCIII release

Mikal Cronin will release his third album, MCIII, on Merge Records. As previously noted, MCIII‘s second side comprises a conceptual, six-song mini-album that represents Cronin’s “coming-of-age story,” and in an interview with Exclaim!, the California songwriter and bandleader shed more light on the troubled time in his life that inspired the ambitious new full-length.

The Guardian reviews Mikal Cronin’s MCIII
The Guardian

Mikal Cronin might not be the best-known of California’s latterday garage-rock pack, but he is perhaps the keenest to experiment. On his third album, MCIII, you can practically hear him rubbing his hands with glee as he stuffs his songs with joyous strings and horns, which couch his most emphatic and vulnerable moments.

Pitchfork profiles Mikal Cronin

On his forthcoming third album, MCIII, the Los Angeles-based Cronin pays tribute to that turning point with a conceptual six-song suite called Circle that makes up the record’s entire second side.

The 405 interview Mikal Cronin in their latest feature
The 405

Multi-musical and genre-hopping Mikal Cronin’s self-titled debut was a hit amongst pop-rockers and rockers alike, and after releasing the follow-up, MCII, it seemed the logic behind the titles were fitting. Now with only two months until the release of his third (it’s out May 4th on Merge), logically titled MCIII, it seems there is more than meets the eye for the third installment.

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