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Ty Segall Releases New Single “Void,” Announces Tour
Paste Magazine

California singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ty Segall is back with a brand new single today. “Void,” his first release of fresh music since his 2022 album “Hello, Hi,” is a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic rock track that centers Segall’s woozy vocal affectations and an intricate guitar part that is relentless in its loops and shimmers. The choral harmonies arrive with ample rewards, as the entire arrangement bleeds and morphs like a grand, hypnotic fusion of spectral, climaxing sonic DNA. It’s Ty Segall-core to the bone, and we’re obsessed.

New Music: Ty Segall – “Void”

Hey, Ty Segall released a seven-minute experimental prog-rock song! “Void,” released today to accompany Segall’s 2024(!) tour announcement, is a relative rarity within the veteran garage-rocker’s extensive catalog. It begins with an eerie, dissonant acoustic arpeggio and builds layers from there. It never really settles into the hard-charging take-no-prisoners mode I associate with Segall’s live show, but it eventually bottoms out into something like ominous classic rock, like a proto-metal version of late-period Beatles.

Live Review: Ty Segall @ Princess Theatre
The Music

“…Suddenly the scene bursts into action as the rest of the Freedom Band emerge amongst a dervish of roadies preparing the stage for the full-band assault, and there’s a sudden wall of noise as they unleash into the buzzsaw dirge of older track Wave Goodbye, the thick molten riffs getting heads up the front, banging in unison before dissolving into a lengthy wig-out. It’s immediately apparent that this is a far different beast to the Ty Segall of last visit, having evolved away from his garage-pop foundations into a more cosmic, jamming behemoth. He’s always given the vibe of not caring the slightest about anything but what he likes, so the shift works seamlessly. His bandmates are fully invested in the transformation and follow their leader into the fray with gleeful abandon”

Ty Segall: ‘Staring at myself in the mirror on the wall and being like ‘What the hell’s going on?’

“At age 35, Segall has released more records than most artists do in a lifetime. He has 14 studio albums to his name, not including the many side projects he’s a part of. 2012’s Slaughterhouse is a wildly noisy rock ‘n’ roll affair, while the next year’s Sleeper has him strumming an acoustic guitar. Some of the loudest music Segall has released has been with the band Fuzz, which has him behind the drum kit, the instrument he learnt before guitar.”

Ty Segall – “Hello, Hi”

‘Human psych-rock factory Ty Segall isn’t the type to sit still for long. Last summer, Segall released his surprise LP Harmonizer. Earlier this year, he followed that LP with his soundtrack for the documentary Whirlybird. And now Segall has announced plays to drop a whole new LP on the world this summer, and he’s shared its absolute rocker of a first single.’

Hear Ty Segall’s Thunderous New Song ‘Hello, Hi’

‘“Hello, Hi” is a thundering ruckus of electric sound. Alternating between his vulnerable pleas and bashing strums, Segall’s wish is simple: “I leave a gift and I want to cry / A box of wood and a curtain / I just want to say hi.”’

Ty Segall announces new album “Hello, Hi” and shares title track
Brooklyn Vegan

‘Ty Segall has announced his 14th solo album “Hello, Hi” that will be out July 22 via Drag City. After the synthesized gleam of Harmonizer, he’s going in a different direction this time: “Tossing down straight acoustic shots with electric guitar back, ‘Hello, Hi’ rides through the valley of yer ol’ Canyon legends, finding an isolated place to unspool Ty’s copious reserves of nervous energy beneath an open sky.’

Ty Segall – Harmonizer

‘The album distinguishes itself from the Segall catalog with extra-punctuated parts that slam into the ears, a calculated continuity enhanced by tracks that transition seamlessly, and a bunch of laser sounds.’

Ty Segall, ‘Whisper’

‘On “Whisper,” Segall mangles synthesizers until they sizzle and melt down into guitar-like lava. Combining sludgy stoner metal, electronic textures and sugary-sweet harmonies, Segall basically remakes heavy music into his own funhouse image. At the end, “Whisper” suddenly lurches into a slower gear, heading off in another direction.’

Ty Segall Plans New York, Los Angeles Residencies
Rolling Stone

Ty Segall makes a lot of noise. Since 2008, the California garage-rocker has released nearly a dozen solo albums, plus quite a few collaborations, EPs, one-off singles and more. This summer and fall, Segall will explore his back catalog with a series of multi-night residencies in Los Angeles and New York at which he’ll perform several of his best-loved albums in full.

Ty Segall Announces Full Album Concert Residencies

Ty Segall and his Freedom Band have announced a series of residencies in a few U.S. cities and across Europe. The concerts will feature Segall, alongside Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly, and Ben Boye, performing select albums from Segall’s discography, including 2010’s Melted, 2011’s Goodbye Bread, 2014’s Manipulator, and 2016’s Emotional Mugger in full on select nights.

Ty Segall Announces Residencies Featuring Full Album Renditions

Beginning July 26, Segall will perform at Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom for 10 consecutive Fridays. The first three he’ll play 2010’s Melted, the fourth and fifth he’ll play 2011’s Goodbye Bread, the sixth and seventh he’ll play 2016’s Emotional Mugger and the final three he’ll play 2014’s Manipulator.

In early October, Segall heads to Brooklyn’s Warsaw for five consecutive nights. He’ll play Melted on Oct. 1 and 2, Goodbye Bread on Oct. 3, Emotional Mugger on Oct. 4 and Manipulator on Oct. 5.Both American venues are familiar turf for Segall, who headlined the Teragram six times and Warsaw five times over 2017 and 2018.

Ty Segall To Perform Full Albums in Concert Residencies

Ty Segall and his Freedom Band have announced a series of residencies in a few U.S. cities and across Europe. The concerts will feature Segall, alongside Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly, and Ben Boye, performing select albums from Segall’s discography, including 2010’s Melted, 2011’s Goodbye Bread, 2014’s Manipulator, and 2016’s Emotional Mugger in full on select nights.

Ty Segall announces NYC, L.A. & European residencies playing albums in full
Brooklyn Vegan

Ty Segall and The Freedom Band has announced multi-night residencies in Los Angeles, NYC, Paris, London, and Haarlem, NL where they will play select albums in full, including Melted, Goodbye Bread, Emotional Mugger and Manipulator. (There will be an additional set at these shows where they’ll play “???” still to be announced.) There are 10 Los Angeles shows (Teragram Ballroom on July 26, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, September 13, 20 & 27) and five NYC shows (Warsaw on October 1-5).

Ty Segall & Freedom Band ‘Deforming Lobes’ in a Scope

On his 2018 tour de force, Freedom’s Goblin, Ty Segall provided us with a double-album highlight reel of every aesthetic the restless garage rocker has explored in his first decade as a solo artist, from light-speed hardcore to idyllic psychedelic-folk balladry to 12-minute fretboard-snapping jams. But in an interview conducted on the eve of the album’s release, Segall suggested the album represented the closing of a chapter. “I feel like I’ve barely even tapped anything,” he said, before revealing a desire to experiment with electronic production and make a hip-hop album. It remains to be seen whether Ty actually follows through on the transformation into MC Lil T. But if Segall is indeed laying his rocker id to rest for a while, Deforming Lobes is the blaze of glory in which it’s going out.

Watch Jeff Tweedy, Ty Segall, “Weird Al,” More Perform in Bed for Charity

Bedstock is an online “music festival” initiative by MyMusicRx, a program from the Children’s Cancer Association. The annual event features artists performing from their beds as a show of unity for children that have to spend their holidays in hospital beds. This year, artists including Jeff Tweedy, Ty Segall, Ben Gibbard, “Weird Al” Yankovic, TV on the Radio, Japanese Breakfast, Tune-Yards, Whitney, the Black Lips, Mary Lattimore, and many others participated in the event.

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