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Henry Rollins interviews John Dwyer in Esquire

“…I’ve done my best to keep up with the man’s output, but he doesn’t make it easy: his releases just don’t let up. I have a great deal of admiration for not only John’s music but for the intensity with which he pursues it. In that way, he is a true artist, one who’s never taken the easy route.”

Esquire features Ty Segall’s ‘The Singer’ music video

Ty Segall’s Maniupulator is one of the best and most critically-acclaimed rock records of the year. It’s seventeen tracks of psychedelic, sludgy, garage rock that is steeped in ’60s influences while still sounding fresh and new. “The Singer” is one of the record’s mellowest tunes, but stay tuned for the shred-your-face guitar solo near the end.