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Fader streams Mac DeMarco’s “Brother”

The pace on Mac DeMarco’s new single is so lethargic that there are moments where it almost sounds like a faster song slowed down since it’s hard to imagine one written so intentionally sluggish, like a 45 played on 33 speed.

Fader streams White Fence new track, “Fragility”

“White Fence‘s albums are great and all, especially if you’re in the mood for psych jams dusted with LA smog and a little weed smoke, but sometimes it feels like frontman Tim Presley works better as a singles artist, pushing these deep nuggets of wobbly pop into the world to be compulsively studied and listened to so many times that seemingly innocuous lyrics like did you get what you needed today? start to sound pretty heavy…”

Video Premier of Mac DeMarco’s “Dreamin”

“…the video for “Dreamin,” which takes the numb-to-my-surroundings vibe of the song and uses a visual that is basically just DeMarco in an old-timey wig playing his guitar by the water, driving a car, getting gas, and then (spoiler alert) getting slimed.”