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Impose reviews GØGGS’ sold out show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn

Tracking the output of garage rock guru Ty Segall is becoming increasingly difficult. With his frequently expanding list of side projects and guest appearances, Segall has affirmed himself as a reliable force in music today, as with every release he aims to keep not only the audience attentive, but himself as well.

SF Gate reviews GØGGS’ show at Rickshaw Stop
SF Gate

To me, Ty Segall is one of the most interesting rock musicians in the business. He’s certainly one of the most prolific — he’s released more than a dozen records in the last ten years — but with every new album, something’s different. He evolves, he improves, he expands.

Pitchfork reviews GØGGS’ self-titled debut

Ty Segall’s latest collaboration—with Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw and Fuzz’s Charles Moothart—isn’t a revolution. They’re just three friends, hellbent on sustaining guitar music’s urgency and simplicity.

GØGGS AllMusic Review by Mark Deming

Ty Segall seems to form new bands roughly as often as most folks do their laundry, but the guy is good enough that the results are nearly always rewarding, and that’s certainly the case with GØGGS.

The Los Angeles Times reviews GØGGS’ debut LP
Los Angeles Times

On its debut album, Los Angeles three-piece sludge rock band GØGGS tears through 10 songs in a little more than 25 minutes, laying waste via lyrics about a Glendale junkyard, the assassination of a doctor, some sort of needle swap and the local proto-punk band Würm.

Spin shares GØGGS’ new single “Needle Trade Off”

Earlier in May, Ty Segall’s new garage-punk project GØGGS (Segall, Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw, and Fuzz member Charles Moothart) released an explosive single called “Glendale Junkyard,” along with the news of a debut self-titled LP coming a few months later.

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