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Huffington Post covers Backer, a short film staring Mac DeMarco
Huffington Post

If Dave F**k sounds too good/weird to be true, that’s because he is. Instead, Canadian musician Mac Demarco plays the character in a seriously silly new mini-mockumentary directed by Cole Kush. Mac DeMarco lends his signature ball cap and jean jacket to the character, along with a hilarious baritone voice. His trademark comedy style finds meaning in the mundane, as Dave F**k gets lost in a deep and profound CGI parking lot dream. We don’t claim to totally understand the video, but somehow it’s perfect.

Huffington Post features Mac DeMarco
Huffington Post

“His music — tuneful, loose rock ‘n’ roll with a funkish, laid back strut — is what’s won over the critics, but his peculiar sense of humor and notoriously unpredictable stage behavior have seen the young musician pegged as an oddball, a slacker, a sleaze and generally just a pretty screwy guy…”