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‘The songs blasted by in a blur, but Hanna reminded us that “Suck My Left One” is about her 13 year old sister getting harassed by older men. A Bikini Kill show is a lively, fun punk rock gig, but the messages are as important as ever. There’s still work to do. Smash the patriarchy.’

LA Weekly reviews Ty Segall show at the Teragram
LA Weekly

To get into Ty Segall’s sold-out show at the Teragram on Friday night, you had to fight your way past a line of David Bowie fans snaking down 7th Street from the nearby Monty Bar, where one of about a zillion Bowie tributes was taking place. It was hard not to read some fitting symbolism into this.

LA Weekly Talks to Fuzz about their upcoming album
LA Weekly

“the Ty Segall-fronted (or backed, since he sings from behind the drum kit) project has gained a new bassist: Chad Ubovich, mastermind behind one of our favorite groups to emerge out of the local scene in 2014, Meatbodies. And when it came time to write their forthcoming LP, Fuzz II, out Oct. 23 on In The Red, the group took a stab at a songwriting process that was foreign to each of them, resulting in a much darker, doomier and, as Ubovich notes, “way more evil” sound…”