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ALBUM OF THE WEEK Ty Segall – Three Bells
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A new album from Ty Segall during any 12-month period once seemed like a certainty. The psych/garage singer/songwriter has probably forgotten about more songs he’s written than most of us could ever hope to commit to tape, and with a standard of quality that’s hovered reliably between kickass and raucously fun. He released 10 of his 15 studio albums in a seven-year stretch, making the most of a good idea before it goes stale, his most white-hot streak arriving in 2012 as the noise punk squall of Slaughterhouse, the lo-fi scratch of Hair and the garagey swagger of Twins all arrived within months of each other. By the time he’d let us hear what kind of new permutation of his fuzz-swathed psychedelic rock he’s been working on, the next two or three were likely already underway.

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‘Little Deer,” the first single from Cabral’s third album The Turning Wheel, proves what she’s capable of with a lot more room to stretch out and build upon the already captivating foundation she’s established. Dramatic piano chords ring out against a cinematic array of strings, with twinkly synths climbing toward starlight. It’s a stunner from the outset, but by the chorus it becomes truly breathtaking…’

Treble Zine reviews Ty Segall’s Mr. Face
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For all the talk of Ty Segall being prolific, as true as it is, many have forgotten another quality of Segall’s: his consistency. The garage laureate has delivered outstanding record after outstanding record, and he’s even improved on the way. The 27 year-old has made great strides not only as a songwriter, but as a producer too.