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Ty Segall: Portrait of the Artist as F***in’ Psyched! On
Spin Magazine

“When I was a kid, records were my religion, the glue that brought together like-minded people, people who feel that connection with something. To me, that is God. That is all religions, that is everything. Ozzy Osbourne is Jesus. Arthur Lee is the Divine Spirit. That’s the point: keep it alive, spread it around. I want to make records you don’t have to think about.”

Ty Segall’s Twins receives 8.0 on Pitchfork

Twins doesn’t stick to the middle or even pick a lane. It swerves, visiting territory well-tread with a perspective that feels new, and knowing Segall, he probably won’t make another album that sounds like it any time soon.”

Ty Segall’s Twins reviewed on The Guardian
The Guardian

“Ultimately, the appeal of Twins – and Segall – rests not so much on the individual tunes, tuneful as they may be. You put one of these sneery, sweet, hyperactive, electric records on as a force field to ward off the dead, grey creep of the everyday, to remind you what a good time sounds like.”

Ty Segall featured in Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine

“The title of Twins is a reference to Segall’s zodiac sign, Gemini, and is an oblique allusion to the album’s general theme of mental disturbance. Segall plays nearly every instrument on the record, and in doing so, churns out the kind of rock-’n’-roll that is undoubtedly meant to be listened to on a turntable…”

Brooklyn Vegan Reviews Ty Segall Webster Hall Show
Brooklyn Vegan

Of the handful of times I’ve seen Ty Segall live (admittedly only a fraction of his shows in the city), his set at Webster Hall was without a doubt the best. People often talk about performers feeding off the energy of the room–that interaction was palpable between Ty and crowd Wednesday night…

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