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“We’re Doing Zoom Therapy”: Ezra Furman, in Conversation with Sarah Silverman
Interview Magazine

“In All of Us Flames, Ezra Furman pens a record for the apocalypse, but it’s not at all hopeless. This apparent contradiction becomes slightly less mysterious when you consider the circumstances in which the album was made. All of Us Flames was written almost entirely during lockdown, when Furman was raising a young child and beginning to embrace her identity as a trans woman. The result is a powerful meditation on finding community in the face of solitude, with melodies that are at once morose and euphoric, all anchored by Furman’s silvery vocals. Her unique brand of intellectual but deeply-felt art-rock has won her devout fans, including comedy legend Sarah Silverman, who called Furman to chat about Judaism, baby jokes, and the overlap between comedy and music.”

Mac DeMarco’s featured on Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine

“With a handful of bizarre music videos under his belt—including one in which he plays guitar in the woods dressed as Mozart—and a song written as a paean to Viceroy cigarettes [above], it’s apparent that while DeMarco may now opt to keep his clothes on, he certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously. While he’s not sure if he self-identifies as a slacker, he does know one thing: “I don’t want a job, and I think I’ve been trying my hardest to make sure I don’t have a job.””

Ty Segall featured in Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine

“The title of Twins is a reference to Segall’s zodiac sign, Gemini, and is an oblique allusion to the album’s general theme of mental disturbance. Segall plays nearly every instrument on the record, and in doing so, churns out the kind of rock-’n’-roll that is undoubtedly meant to be listened to on a turntable…”