New Music: Ty Segall – “Eggman”

Last month, Ty Segall released a new single, “Void,” accompanied by the announcement of a North American tour that will kick off next year. Today, Segall is back with another track, “Eggman,’ which comes with a video of him trying to eat a whole lot of eggs.

Ty Segall – “Eggman”

New singles continue to roll out of the Ty Segall camp, this time turning down the prog dial for something a bit more raw. On “Eggman” Ty lets acoustic strums bandy with redline squalls. The scorch and swelter take a break midway through as he lets the song unravel into a slow motion sweat that […]

Ty Segall Releases New Single “Void,” Announces Tour

California singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ty Segall is back with a brand new single today. “Void,” his first release of fresh music since his 2022 album “Hello, Hi,” is a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic rock track that centers Segall’s woozy vocal affectations and an intricate guitar part that is relentless in its loops and shimmers. The choral harmonies arrive with […]

SPELLLING Leans Into Fantasy to Find Her Sound — and Herself

With algorithms constantly quantifying our tastes and habits, it’s freeing to remember that little is truly known about some dimensions of the human experience. SPELLLING turns to her most trusted divination tools to tap into the spiritual realm: her synthesizer, her tarot cards and her intuition.  

New Music: Ty Segall – “Void”

Hey, Ty Segall released a seven-minute experimental prog-rock song! “Void,” released today to accompany Segall’s 2024(!) tour announcement, is a relative rarity within the veteran garage-rocker’s extensive catalog. It begins with an eerie, dissonant acoustic arpeggio and builds layers from there. It never really settles into the hard-charging take-no-prisoners mode I associate with Segall’s live […]

Album Review: SPELLLING & the Mystery School

Chrystia Cabral gives her old highlights new studio arrangements, lending them the immediacy and clarity of live versions. As SPELLLING, Chrystia Cabral dances the line between straightforward dream pop and aquatic, experimental electronic folk, creating music that both roils the soul and inspires whimsical daydreams. She expanded upon her tactile sound on 2021’s audacious The Turning Wheel, […]


Since the release of her 2017 debut Pantheon of Me, Tia Cabral, aka SPELLLING, has proven she can handily create expansive, fantastical worlds from the safety of her studio. But with each new record—including 2019’s synth-driven Mazy Fly and 2021’s orchestrally ambitious The Turning Wheel—Cabral has found new possibilities of expression on the stage. On her latest voyage, SPELLLING & The […]

The 10 Albums We’re Most Excited About in August

Oakland singer/songwriter and experimentalist SPELLLING is following up her 2021 masterpiece The Turning Wheel this August with SPELLLING & The Mystery School, a collection of tracks that surf between minimalism, glitchy percussive rhythm and hypnotic pianistic patterns. Full of mysticism and drama and haunting, evocative exploration, The gravity of SPELLLING’s songwriting is immense and, in turn, she makes […]

SPELLLING shares new song, reveals Through The Looking Glass lineup

Chrystia Cabral (SPELLLING) has shared the third single from her next album, SPELLLING & the Mystery School, due out August 25 via Sacred Bones. The record reintroduces the backing ensemble that joined Cabral for her most recent full-length, 2021’s The Turning Wheel, and comprises full-band re-recordings of tracks from across Cabral’s career: The original version of today’s track, “Hard […]

All The Best New Indie Music From This Week

Eerie artist Spellling — real name Chrystia Cabral — received recognition for her idiosyncratic 2021 masterwork The Turning Wheel, and these new songs “Cherry” and “Under The Sun” prove she hasn’t lost her haunted appeal. “Cherry” twinkles and broods and builds with unsettling whispers, growing into an evil anthem, sounding like a scene from a horror […]

Spellling Announces New Album, Shares Songs: Listen

Spellling (aka Chrystia Cabral) has announced a new album: Spellling & the Mystery School is a collection of new versions of songs from across her discography that she recorded with her touring band. The full-length arrives August 25 via Sacred Bones. Listen to tracks from the LP, “Cherry” and “Under the Sun,” below.

SPELLLING announces new album SPELLLING & the Mystery School

“For the tour behind her excellent 2021 album The Turning Wheel, SPELLLING performed alongside a full band called the Mystery School, giving new dimensions to the experimental pop artist’s work. If you didn’t get a chance to see those shows, SPELLLING will soon bring the experience to a new studio album called SPELLLING & the Mystery School. Out August […]

Here’s the deal with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

The key to understanding the King Gizzard phenomenon is a willingness to imagine disparate categories in dense overlap, well beyond anything our post-genre pop era might have prepared us for. The group’s six musicians live at the center of a very unlikely Venn diagram: stylistic chameleons on par with Beck and Damon Albarn, prolific at […]

Your Fave Band Is Reuniting – But Not For the Reasons You Think

And take a band like Le Tigre – Kathleen Hanna’s brilliant 90s riot grrl band whose MO was always to “write political pop songs and be the dance party after the protest”. They feel just as, if not more, vital today as they did back then (their debut album in 1999 featured the line “Oh, fuck […]

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Unveil New Album PetroDragonic Apocalypse: Stream

King Gizzard clocked back into somewhat familiar instrumentation with PetroDragonic Apocalypse (for short, because, of course), which marks their 24th studio album. Self-described as “heavy as fuck,” the new record harks back to 2019’s Infest the Rat’s Nest by diving into the metal pools of experimentally hard-hitting riffs and songs about witches and wizards. They teased the album with lead single “Gila […]

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