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Alex Cameron at Johnny Brenda's

The one-and-only Australian songwriter Alex Cameron, along with his business partner and saxophonist Roy Malloy, brought his new album Forced Witness to Johnny Brenda’s last night in Philadelphia, PA, for a sold-out show.

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Secret Canadian is an interesting label—you never know what you’ll find there. And Alex Cameron’s album is a perfect fit. It’s pure pop, but it’s lyrics are often X-rated. It’s vapid and purely surface, unless you actually listen.

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Over/Under with Alex Cameron and Roy Molloy

Watch Alex Cameron and Roy Molloy rate Balding, Crying, and Super Gonorrhea.
They also rate critics, internet trolls, macho men, and more in this episode of Over/Under.

Oh My Rockness

Artist We Like: Alex Cameron Spoiler: he's chill.

This guy quietly released his excellent debut album Jumping the Shark via his website and nobody cared…until a few people did…and then a few more…and a few more…and then a lot more when Secretly Canadian finally got on board with the positive underground vibes and gave the record a “proper” release (“that’s Mr. Album to you!”) three years later.

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Concert Pick: Alex Cameron @ Songbyrd Music House (10/2/17)

This new album continues the trajectory first set on Cameron’s first album, Jumping The Shark. That album told the stories of losers and the beaten down, almost each one unaware of their standing, or how far up they need to travel to get to where they think they belong. Forced Witness takes the same template but imbues the characters with a self-awareness that makes each one all the more transfixing.


Alex Cameron "Forced Witness" / Pitchfork album review

The art-sleaze of Alex Cameron’s second album transcends its surface-level smarm to become a biting piece of commentary. Thankfully, the songs are as effortlessly catchy as they are eminently creepy.

It's Nice That

It's Nice That talks to Cones about their new video "Back in the Brain"

“‘When I write a song, I am simultaneously visualising it,’ Jonathan tells It’s Nice That. ‘I often see a song as a line moving left to right, but more free.’ This movability is visible in the musician’s latest music video which uses minimal lines to illustrate the journey of a wobbling stoner.”

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Mac Demarco/Flaming Lips co-headlining tour named top 15 concerts to see in September

The Oklahoman stalwarts make electronic-tinged psychedelia, while DeMarco pens earnest, slacker-rock jams — but their oddball personalities and charismatic live shows make perfect sense together.

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This Old Dog included in “Pop Culture That Saved Summer 2017”

The indie-rocker’s third album contains his most immediate, heartfelt songwriting.

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‘Forced Witness:’ Alex Cameron’s bizarre worldview

Self-described as an “online cowboy in the wild-west days of the World Wide Web,” indie rock artist Alex Cameron is slated to release his second full-length album with fellow musician, saxophonist Roy Molloy. “Forced Witness,” produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (who also produced Whitney’s “Light Upon The Lake” and the Lemon Twigs’ “Do Hollywood”), will be released through Secretly Canadian Sept. 8.

San Francisco Chronicle

Mac DeMarco isn’t just along for the ride

Mac DeMarco may no longer need to participate in medical experiments for pocket change, but nine years into his career, the 27-year-old Canadian soft rocker still isn’t taking anything for granted.


“Memory of a Cut Off Head” single review

On the album’s opening, title track, Dwyer sounds every bit as at ease as he did over the wild Richter-scale energy of his recent records.


Watch Alex Cameron’s Video for New Song “Runnin’ Outta Luck”

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Cameron has shared a new single, “Runnin’ Outta Luck,” and its music video. The visual, directed by Nick MacMahon, was filmed in Hastings, England.

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Mac DeMarco shares bizarre VR music video for 'This Old Dog'

Indie-rock goofball Mac DeMarco recently premiered a new music video for his song “This Old Dog,” the title track off of his latest album.


Mac DeMarco shares new "This Old Dog" VR music video: watch

Mac DeMarco has shared a new virtual reality music video for his song “This Old Dog,” the title track from his most recent album.

Rolling Stone

Watch Mac DeMarco's psychedelic VR 'This Old Dog' video

Mac DeMarco’s head voyages through time and space – on the nose of a pug – in the psychedelic, virtual reality video for “This Old Dog.”


Henry Rollins interviews John Dwyer in Esquire

“...I’ve done my best to keep up with the man’s output, but he doesn’t make it easy: his releases just don’t let up. I have a great deal of admiration for not only John’s music but for the intensity with which he pursues it. In that way, he is a true artist, one who’s never taken the easy route.”

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Pitchfork gives Oh Sees new album, "Orc" a 7.4

“Throughout the record, he sounds as eager to mess around with his singing as the music: the glorious, steamrolling sludge of “Animated Violence” is the closest Oh Sees have ever gotten to metal, with Dwyer dropping comically Gene Simmons-esque growls in between gleaming Thin Lizzy arpeggios.”

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine loves Oh Sees new album, "Orc"

“..the record is an absolutely evil stunner from front to back, top to bottom, head to toes and everywhere in between, and whips up the same kind of radiant, strange awe that the band’s overdriven catalog has so generously perpetrated album after wicked album.”

Post Trash

Post Trash reviews Oh Sees new album "Orc"

“...as evinced by the reduction-of-band-name and its terse title, Orc aims to cut the fat off last years’ trial runs and introduce the new Oh Sees thesis as yet another Phlegethon of shrieking Gibsons and yelping Dwyers now aiming to fill observatories rather than dive bars.”

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Stream Dent May's new album "Across the Multiverse" on Hype Machine

“For nearly a decade, Dent May has crafted bright, homemade pop songs that pull from the past—disco, soft-rock, country-western, psychedelia, soul, funk—all with light-hearted wit and his distinct croon.”


Stereogum premieres Cones new video for single "Back in the Brain"

“...the song and video come together to make a wonderfully groovy synth-pop delight….”


Pitchfork reviews Ty Segall's new EP, "Fried Shallots"

“...if Segall’s self-titled full-length from earlier this year was new material disguised as a sampler of what he’s been up to for the last half-decade, Fried Shallots is old material disguised as a sampler of what he could be up to in the future.”


Mac Demarco talks about his approach to guitar on "Ernie Ball's String Theory"

“... ‘I never thought I would do the music thing. Never wanted to play guitar when I was a kid,” Mac begins. ‘Got a family full of musicians, very unappealing. I was like, screw that, I’m not doing that…And then I picked one up one day while my friends were playing. Turned out I could do it a little bit, it was interesting, right around the same time I got into all the classic rock stuff you get into as a young man. Yeah, got hooked. You start off with the one string thing, it’s like, ‘Aw hell yeah.’ I learned ‘Smoke On The Water’ on just the low E string.’”