The Line Of Best Fit

The Line Of Best Fit premieres new La Luz song and video "The Creature"

La Luz share new song and video for “The Creature”


Stereogum Premieres Omni's New Single “Sunset Preacher”

We’ve been big fans of the Atlanta post-punk trio Omni for a while now. Their 2016 debut Deluxe caught our attention, but it was with their quick followup Multi-task that we really fell in love.


Watch Cupid Shoot Down Trump Supporters in Surfbort's "Les Be in Love" Video

Watch the Brooklyn punks bring pansexual love to bigots and corporate stooges in their new video, featuring a cameo from Gibby Haynes.


Stereogum Premieres New Video for "I See The White"

Texan singer-songwriter Jess Williamson’s sophomore album Heart Song is not even a year and a half old yet, but Williamson is about to return with a new collection, her first for Mexican Summer.

Routine Bites Hard

CMON - Celluloid (Official Video)

Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock of Regal Degal are back with a synth-pop project called CMON. Following last month’s single ‘Good To Know’, they’ve shared another new song called ‘Celluloid’,  accompanied by a video directed by LA artist Geneva Jacuzzi. Watch and listen above.

Austin Town Hall

Austin Town Hall Premieres CMON's New Video

Some tunes seem so out of place in the current landscape, that they fascinatingly draw you to their sound. This single from CMON definitely bares modern technological touches, but it also wears the pants of a very 80s sound. Premieres CMON, 'Celluloid'

Regal Degal’s Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock are exploring the experimental pop side of their “musical consciousness” with a new project called CMON, channeling their love for “(Italo) disco, new wave, (Afro) boogie, house and whatever unusual music we could get our hands on …” says da Costa. “It’s as if our band fell asleep and this is the dream it’s having.”

The AV Club

Ezra Furman Performs "Love You So Bad" On AV Club

This week, we’re sharing songs from Ezra Furman, whose latest record, Transangelic Exodus, was just released last week.


La Luz announce new album, premiere video for "Cicada" on NPR

If your mom’s favorite telenovela met The Love Witch, the resulting TV movie would be La Luz’s video for “Cicada.” After 2015’s Charles Burns-inspired Weirdo Shrine, “Cicada” is the first single off the L.A. band’s upcoming album Floating Features, and builds on its noir foundations with a sunny edge. Floating Features comes out May 11 on Hardly Art Records.


Jackson McIntosh's "Can It Be Love" Is Lounge Pop for Romantics

Though it may be unfortunate for his romantic prospects, MacIntosh’s solo career is off to a very promising start.

Indierock DJ

CMON Featured On Indierock Playlist


CMON's New Song "Good To Know".

66.6% of the artist(e)(s) formally known as Regal Degal are back with twisting lyrics and groovy panache a-plenty.

Pop Is On Fire

Best New Song - CMON's "Good To Know".

CMON (Confusing Mix Of Nations) est le groupe de Josh Da Costa (Ducktails) et Jamen Whitelock (ex Regal Degal). Un duo de Los Angeles à suivre de près avec une 1ère pop song parfaite.


New Noise: Production in 2018

Los Angles-based duo, CMON — Josh Da Costa and Jamen Whitelock — step away from previous work as Regal Degal and evolve as the CMON.

Passion Of The Weiss

CMON's "Good To Know" Song Premiere

POW premieres “Good to Know,” the first single from Regal Degal’s new project, CMON.

Los Angeles Times

LA Times names "Memory of a Cut-Off Head" one of the 30 essential LA records of 2017

Which is to say, is there too much recorded music in the world? Yes. Is most of it forgettable? Certainly. Below are 30 albums, alphabetically arranged, by Los Angeles-area artists issued this year that deserve your investment.

Alt Citizen

Alt Citizen Reviews Surfbort Record Release Show at Baby's All Right

The EP is great, the band is great, and singing along with a maniac is a lovely way to spend an evening.

Pigeons and Planes

Pigeons and Planes premiere Cones' new video with interview

The duo brings life to their endlessly catchy new single with an impressive visual.

Brooklyn Vegan

Bill's Indie Basement Lists Flat Worms in His List of "5 things I like a lot"

Welcome to the second installment of Bill’s Indie Basement, aka “five things I like a lot.” This week we’ve got a memoir from Robert Forester of The Go-Betweens, a whole bunch of Saint Etienne reissues, and buzzsaw pop from Los Angeles’ Flat Worms.

LA Weekly

Shannon Lay, Lael Neale, Entrance, Chad Ubovich

Much of the time, singer-guitarist Shannon Lay performs with Feels, a local band that also features co–lead singer Laena Geronimo and alternates between frantic punk-rock bursts and more melodic post-punk passages.

Lady Gunn

LadyGunn Premieres "Back to Reaction" Video

Dani Miller’s dream mosh, punk rock siren howl is a familiar one to the the streets of NY’s most up and coming scene. She’s a millennial Karen O meets Lydia Lunch kind of girl that makes you want to fall in love with a twisted nightmare. In her no holds barred approach to life, accompanied by three her three power chords to the wind rock band,  the Surfbort’s are a guiding light to the inner FUCK IT in all of us.


U.S. Girls announce new album and release music video for "Velvet 4 Sale"

In a Poem Unlimited arrives early next year


Stereogum premieres U.S. Girls' new single

a breathy, slinky track about enacting revenge on abusers

Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan premieres U.S. Girls' new single ahead of album release

The new single is “Velvet 4 Sale,” a powerful feminist revenge fantasy set to a slow-burn groove that confronts inequality and abuse.