Stereogum premieres Hand Habits song of the summer "Spell Song"

“... “Spell Song” mimics a lazy river with refreshing, wholesome acoustic guitar and lackadaisical guitar slides topped off by Meg Duffy’s light and unhurried vocals…”

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine reviews King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizards' "Murder of the Universe"

“Obvious comparisons can be made to any number of hard rock heroes from decades past: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden and other outfits that built their brand based on sinister intent and sonic excess. Yet even those aforementioned bands sound like weary shoegazers in comparison, given the agitation, fury and frenzy that’s well served by King Gizzard’s urgency and intensity.”


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard headlines Audiotree Music Festival

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard headline the Audiotree Music Festival on September 22nd and 23rd in Kalamazoo, MI!

Chicago Reader

Meatbodies adds hard rock to LA garage

“On the new record, though, the overdriven guitar mayhem is leavened by infectious, driving acoustic strumming, swooshing electronics, and nimbler, more varied grooves that allow Kevin Boog’s slaloming bass lines to strut their stuff. Ubovich channels a heavy Marc Bolan vibe throughout, emphasizing the nasality of his falsetto and complementing it with lots of wordless harmony vocals.”


Royal Trux album "Platinum Tips + Ice Cream" is featured on NPR's First Listen

“...Really, Royal Trux is for all occasions, and we should all be so lucky that Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema are back to steer rock ‘n’ roll toward chaos once more…”


Here’s Why Mac DeMarco Headlining Radio City Music Hall Is a Big Deal

Somewhat surprisingly, Mac DeMarco is going to perform at New York institution Radio City Music Hall on September 22, and tickets will be available on Friday. It’s the kind of venue that many artists dream about one day playing, and DeMarco, despite his immense popularity, is a somewhat unexpected booking. So how’d he get here?

Spin Magazine

Mac DeMarco in Top 10 of 2017 Albums

“The content comes with a slight change in sound: Gone is the rinky-dink, pealing electric guitar tone that colored his early records, replaced with an acoustic instrument, recorded as if he’s in the room with you. There’s also prolific use of a CR-78 drum machine set to cruise, the steady motorik rhythms pushing him toward a more reflective space. He sounds comfortable, lived-in.”

The Reprise

The Reprise interviews Alex Cameron on upcoming Primavera Sound show

“...After making an appearance at last year’s Primavera Club shows in October, wild song panther, Alex Cameron, and his right hand man, saxophonist and business partner, Roy Molloy, will be making their first full Primavera Sound festival debut this Saturday at the stunning Auditori Rockdelux…”


KCRW: Today's Top Tune

We share the first single from LA band Cones, made up by brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen who play in Eleanor Friedberger’s band. Apart from making music, Jonathan was the animator for Toro y Moi’s concert film from last year. “Echoes On” has the easy breezy SoCal feel we love so much.

The Guardian

The Guardian gives Mac DeMarco's London performance 5 stars

“...and the crowd embrace DeMarco’s ramshackle corniness, waving actual lighters along to the Careless Whisper-ish One More Love Song and going wild to Freaking Out the Neighborhood in a way that no crowd has gone wild to a song sounding like Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing since 1987…”


Mac DeMarco talks about new record, "This Old Dog" on NPR's World Cafe

“...Mac DeMarco is just turning 27, but his new album, This Old Dog, seems to represent a more mature persona than he’s projected in the past…”


GQ interviews Mac DeMarco about new record "This Old Dog" & growing up (sort of)

“...His latest album, This Old Dog, is spare and soft and personal, and it’s open about his rocky relationship with his largely absentee father. He’ll tell you the LP was a creative risk, but one he felt comfortable taking if only because his fan base is along for the ride…”

The New Yorker

Mac Demarco talks to The New Yorker about James Taylor

“...they confirm that a truly great song exists outside of time and trend. But parallels between DeMarco and Taylor extend beyond their sound: they’ve both been known as boyish wild men who are fond of the bottle, and whose unpredictable, spastic personalities are at odds with the mellow, emotive songs they write.”


MTV talks to Mac DeMarco about all things "This Old Dog"

“...Because Mac DeMarco, or at least the legendary version of him that exists in his fans’ minds, transcends both time and space…”


Billboard discusses Mac Demarco's new album, "This Old Dog"

“Due to the universal relatability of “being alive,” This Old Dog tells a simple, though spellbinding, story of some of life’s guarantees: family (in all its various forms), home, love and impending death.”


Stereogum reviews Mac Demarco's new album, "This Old Dog"

“...both in terms of sound and subject matter, the album finds DeMarco beginning to venture beyond the music he built his carefree indie bro reputation on. And it may be an antidote for his goofball exploits if, like me, you often find that stuff obscuring his formidable songwriting talent.”

Paste Magazine

Mac Demarco's "This Old Dog" reviewed by Paste Magazine

“As an anti-star who, at his heart, would likely be happy playing in a Midwest basement for beer money, DeMarco possesses innately strong songwriting abilities, endearing him to bedroom lo-fi purists and besandled Parrotheads alike.”

L.A. Record

L.A. Record covers Mac Demarco's BBQ Birthday Bash

“Mac DeMarco had a little pre-celebratory birthday and record release bash over the weekend, serving up some hot dogs and new tunes from This Old Dog.”


Pitchfork talks to Mac and Agnes Demarco about Love and Fearlessness

“Moms will be moms, but there’s something deeper to her understanding of Mac’s ambling tracks, and the sadness that’s often muddled beneath all that smeared reverb.”


Mac Demarco gives Life Advice in Exclaim!

“DeMarco has a different style this time around, but what isn’t different is the classic, laid-back feel that fans have come to love.”


Thee Oh Sees Announce North American Tour

Thee Oh Sees have announced a tour. They’ll hit the road later this month at Norman Music Festival in Oklahoma and tour Europe through the summer, before wrapping up with a series of North American dates in September.

W Magazine

W Magazine explores Mac Demarco's home and talk "This Old Dog"

“For someone who appears to be professionally irreverent, he [Mac] is painfully self-aware of his precise coordinates along this generally strange journey.”


Mac Demarco's Wild Ride, according to Exclaim!

“...yet amid the partying, the lewd behaviour, the wonky and sometimes raunchy sense of humour, Mac DeMarco’s image has kind of gotten away from him.”

The New York Times

NY Times proclaims Mac Demarco as the Laid Back Prince of Indie Rock

“As a kind of pied piper for the blog crowd, Mr. DeMarco, with his trademark gaptoothed smile and disarming baby blues….but on-the-ground, grass-roots outreach via nonstop touring and direct human connection.”

Loud And Quiet

Mac DeMarco joins Loud and Quiet's Midnight Chats Podcast

Mac DeMarco joins Loud and Quiet’s Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 25