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Ezra Furman Announces New Album & Drops New Song
Closed Captioned

‘The world of music runs deep with most artists and their work is a body of life. We see it again and again and many artists live within the paths they’ve created, With Ezra Furman that’s easily the case. With a new album coming in August, what All of Us Flames will be is anyone’s guess. Though based on the lead single “Forever In Sunset” the future is bright as is the music.’

Fuzz Stays Heavy on New Single & Video
Closed Captioned

“Fuzz, the Ty Segall based metal band out of Los Angeles has never apologized for their heavier sound. While the trio has a new album III coming this Friday, their latest single “Mirror” and its video prove they aren’t giving in to anyone who’s not on board with their chunky riffs and metal structures.”