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Creating A World Just for Her: The Charismatic Spellling comes to Songbyrd
District Fray

“So often, there will be an article out in the world that touts an artist as being groundbreaking or revolutionizing the music world around them. And while that acclaim is great and gives merit to a plethora of new and experimental artists, what really struck me about Oakland artist Spellling is how she doesn’t try to revolutionize this existing world. If anything, she works double time to invent her own.”

Ezra Furman Leans Toward the Wild
District Fray

Ezra Furman walks gingerly up to the mic. She’s clad in a leather jacket, tight black dress, faded Doc Martens and hot pink tights, with most of her wavy hair covering her face. Guitar in hand, she looks straight out into the audience and says, “Transgender in the state of Texas in March 2022. This is not a f—king around type of situation.”