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The everlasting legacy of Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl movement
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In the front row of Bikini Kill’s first show in 22 years is a child sitting on her father’s shoulders. She is watching women of various generations form circular mosh pits across the floor as lead singer Kathleen Hanna belts out the lyrics to “Rebel Girl.” “Is this everything you dreamed of?” says one woman in the crowd to another. Her friend’s response: “Everything — and more.”

Mac DeMarco on Mac Miller, Mitski, and making a ‘cowboy’ record
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When Mac DeMarco announced the title of his fourth studio album, Here Comes the Cowboy, it seemed like he was following in the footsteps of Kacey Musgraves and Cardi B in the recent trend of the “yeehaw agenda.” Despite the name, the Los Angeles-based indie rocker doesn’t think the record has any cowboy or outlaw themes embedded in it. Honestly, he says, he just made some songs.

Entertainment Weekly Premieres New Quintron & Miss Pussycat “Do The Raid” Video!
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Quintron and Missy Pussycat’s “Do The Raid” is something that would belong right next to “Time Warp” in Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it has more distortion—and plenty of puppets. For over a decade, the New Orleans-based duo have been making psych-heavy rock that’s easy to dance to: In the “Do The Raid” video, Miss Pussycat bops around with her maracas as Quintron flops his hair around to the beat of the music, which sounds a lot like what LCD System was aiming for with 2007’s “Watch the Tapes.”
The puppets, though, who Miss Pussycat makes and frequently performs with, are the video’s real stars. Most are unidentifiable shapes like the one-eyed blob, but there is one adorable panda wearing a bow-tie—no matter how cute they are though, they’re all pretty unruly: The video ends with one of the more colorful puppets setting some sticks of dynamite off.