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Mosswood Meltdown 2023: Le Tigre, Gravy Train!!!!, The Rondelles, more
Brooklyn Vegan

“The Mosswood Meltdown returns to Oakland’s Mosswood Park on July 1 & 2. They’ve announced the initial lineup, which is headlined by Le Tigre, and making it even more electroclash are their old friends Gravy Train!!! (featuring Seth “Hunx” Bogart) who are reuniting for their only 2022/2023 show. The initial lineup also includes rare performances by Tina & The Total Babes, The Rondelles, and Quintron & Miss Pussycat, with more to be announced soon”

The AV Club premieres Quintron & Miss Pussycat’s new video “I Hear Voices” + tour dates
The AV Club

Quintron And Miss Pussycat exemplify the best of modern New Orleans rock. An eccentric and arty twist on swamp rock, the group mixes synthesizer sounds with modern science as Quintron messes with instruments of his own creation. His latest analog synth invention features prominently in his band the Weather Warlock, a term that’s apt considering the machine is controlled by weather patterns. Below, The A.V. Club has the premiere of the new video for “I Hear Voices.” Though it’s an unreleased jam, the tune is somewhat similar to “Death In Space” from Quintron’s latest record, Spellcaster II: Death In Space. As weird as everything about Quintron suggestions, the clip for “I Hear Voices” blends glitchy VHS images with some heavy guitar playing from Eyehategod’s Aaron Hill.

Brooklyn Vegan shares new label Terror Vision releasing films on VHS; includes puppet movie by Quintron & Miss Pussycat
Brooklyn Vegan

Cassettes are hip and vinyl sales are on the rise, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that a record label has spun off a new company that will release obscure soundtracks on vinyl, and… movies on VHS. That would be Terror Vision which was started by Ryan Graveface of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Graveface Records. There will also be a video rental store as part of the Graveface Records & Curiosities shop in Savannah, GA.

Entertainment Weekly Premieres New Quintron & Miss Pussycat “Do The Raid” Video!
Entertainment Weekly

Quintron and Missy Pussycat’s “Do The Raid” is something that would belong right next to “Time Warp” in Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it has more distortion—and plenty of puppets. For over a decade, the New Orleans-based duo have been making psych-heavy rock that’s easy to dance to: In the “Do The Raid” video, Miss Pussycat bops around with her maracas as Quintron flops his hair around to the beat of the music, which sounds a lot like what LCD System was aiming for with 2007’s “Watch the Tapes.”
The puppets, though, who Miss Pussycat makes and frequently performs with, are the video’s real stars. Most are unidentifiable shapes like the one-eyed blob, but there is one adorable panda wearing a bow-tie—no matter how cute they are though, they’re all pretty unruly: The video ends with one of the more colorful puppets setting some sticks of dynamite off.

Pitchfork Highlights Quintron’s Spellcaster II LP in Shake Appeal!

His latest LP shows an artist doing a lot more than just making novelty music. “Something Is Wrong With Jim Bob” is 90 seconds of arid, instrumental guitar. “Fatal Harmonic” is a track by the Weather Warlock, his project featuring a device that’s controlled by the elements (an undeniable highlight at Gonerfest). The best part of the album by a mile is “Do the Raid”, which is probably the best Quintron and Miss Pussycat song of the past decade. It’s a sneering track where they stare down a young student and say, “Your parents are dumb, kid, do the fuckin’ math.”
Truly, an anthem for elementary school teachers who no longer give a fuck.

Brooklyn Vegan premieres Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s single “Do The Raid” and Weather Warlock
Brooklyn Vegan

We now have details on the new Quintron & Miss Pussycat album. It’s titled Spellcaster II: Death In Space and will be out October 28 On Pizza Burglar Records. The new record is a mix of their signature organ-driven party jams and droney, atmospheric instrumentals. We’ve got the premiere of “Do the Raid,” which definitely falls into the former category, which you can stream in this post.

Noisey Premieres New Quintron Track!

Quintron & Miss Pussycat will release their new LP Spellcaster II: Death In Space via Pizza Burglar Records on October 28, their first LP following three years’ worth of singles that eventually lead to a Grammy nomination. The 11-track effort features “Death in Space,” the first to be released out of the gate and available to stream below.

Q & Miss P will hold off on any huge celebrations of the new LP until early November, when the quirky garage punk duo hit the road for a string of dates on the East Coast. The November dates span Minnesota to Florida, and are all available below.

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