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Ezra Furman – “Poor Girl a Long Way From Heaven”
If It's Too Loud...

There is no artist out there making music quite like Ezra Furman is. Her latest single, “Poor Girl a Long Way From Heaven,” Furman takes her trademark unique blend of indie rock and pop and injects a little bit of gospel or spiritual music into it. Furman’s music combines a vibe that is hers and hers alone with sounds that are almost familiar.

Ezra Furman – “Lilac and Black”
If It's Too Loud...

The latest from Ezra Furman is what we’ve come to expect from the artist. “Lilac and Black” is a virtually genre-less song that borrows from many different styles while sounding entirely unique. There are elements of folk, pop, dance, punk, and all the multi-hyphenate genres in between, but it doesn’t truly sound like any of those.