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The Songs In Sex Education Season 2 Will Get You In The Mood (Yes, That Kind Of Mood)

It might seem tired to use the Divinyls’ masturbation anthem “Touch Myself” for a scene of yes, you guessed it, Otis (Asa Butterfield) touching himself. But, the Sex Education season 2 soundtrack is wired because it found a way to switch the track and make it something truly iconic. That’s why every song on the new season of Netflix’s Sex Education will get you in the mood. To do what, you ask? Well, anything your little heart desires.

Every ’80s Song & The Originals That Make Up Sex Education’s Soundtrack

Netflix’s latest release, Sex Education, features a mixtape worthy mix of ’80s and ’90s hits by bands such as The Psychedelic Furs, a-ha, The Cure, Violent Femmes, and Bikini Kill. Not content to firmly root itself in a soundtrack made up entirely of throwbacks, Sex Education creators worked with songwriter Ezra Furman for the rest of the soundtrack, which is a mix of originals and songs he wrote for his last album, Transangelic Excellence.