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Ezra Furman sets forth new album ‘Twelve Nudes’ & shares track

Furman had this to say “This is our punk record, we made it in Oakland, quickly. We drank and smoked. Then we made the loud parts louder. I hurt my voice screaming. This was back in 2018 when things were bad in the world. The songs are naked with nothing to hide. Desperate times make for desperate songs. I wrote this in the summer of 2018, a terrible time. It’s the sound of me struggling to admit that I’m not okay with the current state of human civilization, in which bad men crush us into submission. Once you admit how bad it feels to live in a broken society, you can start to resist it, and imagine a better one.”

SoundBlab announces Ty Segall’s $ingle$ 2

Here is a collection dating from 2011-2013 of asides from behind the scenes dating from 2011-2013, Goodbye Bread – Twins – Sleeper era, with some b-sides from singles ‘I Can’t Feel It’, ‘The Hill’ and ‘Would You Be My Love’, and some covers, including the Velvets’ ‘Femme Fatale’.