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Summer / Fall / 2015


United States


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Fuzz has abandonment issues.

Abandoning expectation. Abandoning reservation, consummation, resignation, and trite dictation. Instinct is all there is when it comes to the divination of harsh salvation. Segall, Moothart, and Ubovich are exploring all the blank-ations of what will be, or has always been, Fuzz II. Tried and true methods mixed with tongue twisting, teeth shattering, seizure-inducing stabs at the norm. Who knows … maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s all done. Played out. Maybe it’s not for want of new but for lack of old. But probably not. Bathe in the heat wave that is Fuzz, and regret nothing in the time freeze. Necessity is the mother of invention creation; and devolution stakes its claim in the past as it continues to bind itself to the future. read more…


Tour Dates

Date Venue Location With Tickets
Fri 4/24/2015 El Rey Los Angeles, California But Tickets
Sun 5/10/2015 Carson Creek Ranch Austin, Texas Austin Psych Fest: Levitation But Tickets
Wed 5/20/2015 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California Lamps, DJ Andre Torrez (The Mixed Bag) But Tickets
Thu 5/21/2015 Dante's Portland, Oregon But Tickets
Sat 5/23/2015 Sasquatch Festival George, Washington But Tickets