photo by Denée Segall

One only knows one. Two is balanced therefore stagnant. III both active and reactive. Charles Moothart, Ty Segall and Chad Ubovich are FUZZ. FUZZ is three. And III has returned. Songs for all, and music for one.

III was recorded and mixed at United Recording under the sonic lordship of Steve Albini. Keeping the focus on the live sounds of the band, the use of overdubs and studio tricks were kept to a minimum. Albini’s mastery in capturing sound gave FUZZ the ability to focus entirely on the playing while knowing the natural sounds would land. It takes the essential ingredients of “guitar based music” and “rock and roll power trio” and puts them right out on the chopping block. It was a much more honest approach for FUZZ — three humans getting primitive, staying primitive. The goal was never to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it’s just about seeing how long you can hold on before you’re thrown off.

Album opener “Returning” serves as a sort of mission statement for the album. It’s an auditory meditation on the power of one and the different perspectives of one, whether it is the singular person looking inward, or a group of people coming together as a single unit. Not only is it an echo of the return of FUZZ, but also a broader return to form – raw and empowered through vulnerability.

“Nothing People” and “Spit” served as a launching point into the new sphere that would become III. They were written around the same time, and felt like they opened two different doorways — familiar in some ways and new in others. “Time Collapse,” a rogue cut from the days of FUZZ’s II, landed soundly on the scorched surface of side A to round things out.

“Mirror” opens up the B side and the collective consciousness. Mirroring the call to arms of “Returning,” the song asks the listener to link arms with the band, march to the same drum of love, and create a space of equality among the freaks. The pummeling rhythm demands the request to crush the mirror that feeds you lies. In the end, it’s a ballad for the unique, twisted, and natural self that should be exalted before any falsehood.

The stomping back half of III serves as a self aware call out to the lineage in which this record calls home — both personal and general in the historical context of raw power trio records. “Blind to Vines” and “End Returning” accentuate the meditative qualities of FUZZ. While coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, they balance restraint and compulsion. FUZZ will ultimately cave to compulsion. That is without question. But what good is a freak out without an initial glance inward? “End Returning” takes that look inward and scrambles the timeline. It finds peace and challenges it in the next breath. Arguably, it brutalizes this peace to test the foundations on which it rests, inevitably bringing the origin back into focus.

Three points reflected in three Mirrors; a pyramid of sonic destruction and psychic creation. Nothing People feed the roots while the freaks fly free in the treetops – Blind to Vines, Eyes Closed, Stuck in Spit, triumphing the Returning of beginnings and Ends Returning while beginning to see the Time Collapse. Love is the only way to annihilate hate, and Sketchy freaks live to bleed. All shades of color, truth and lies, III is the pillar of unity and singularity. All is nothing, and only nothing can generate everything. Log out, drop thought, turn up.


Ty Segall’s Band FUZZ Share Full New Live Set: Watch

“Ty Segall’s band FUZZ have shared a new video of the group performing live at the Los Angeles studio Gold Diggers Sound. Live at Gold Diggers Studio 1 features FUZZ performing a four-song set: “Nothing People,” “Mirror,” “Close Your Eyes,” and “Loose Sutures.”

Ty Segall’s band Fuzz share new live set video
Brooklyn Vegan

“Ty Segall’s proto-metal-style power trio Fuzz were supposed to be on tour right now supporting their third album, including two February shows in NYC. Those dates, which had already been postponed from the summer, have been postponed again, but to tide you over they’ve taped a short live set at Gold Diggers Studio 1 in Los Angeles and have shared it with the world.”

Raven Sings The Blues Blog

“They’re more than open about this being an album enthralled with guitar rock and not seeking to move the needle forward, though. They revel in the tumult of noise and the body high bruise of a triple-stack storm of good ol’ face melters. On pretty much all levels I couldn’t agree more.”

Roundtable: Fuzz on Nirvana, Sonny Sharrock, and Boris
Aquarium Drunkard

“Cut with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, it sounds like three people in a room intent on building the heaviest thing possible. “We wanted it all to be about power and performance,” Segall says, and III bears him out: it’s a collection of nuked anthems that feels perfectly suited for the apocalyptic spirt in the air.”

Video: Fuzz, ‘Mirror’

“Fuzz, the power trio most likely to burn the coronavirus off all interior surfaces*, return this Friday with “Fuzz III,” their first album in five years.”

Fuzz Stays Heavy on New Single & Video
Closed Captioned

“Fuzz, the Ty Segall based metal band out of Los Angeles has never apologized for their heavier sound. While the trio has a new album III coming this Friday, their latest single “Mirror” and its video prove they aren’t giving in to anyone who’s not on board with their chunky riffs and metal structures.”

FUZZ – “Mirror” [Video]
The Fire Note

“It’s prime FUZZ, using III’s approach of taking the essential ingredients of “guitar based music” and “rock and roll power trio” and putting them on the chopping block. Not for the faint of heart, the offbeat “Mirror” video, directed by Joshua Erkman, is a full-out freak fest with a few bodily oddities.”

FUZZ Share New Single ‘Mirror’

“Over the summer, FUZZ announced III, their first new album in five years. Today, they shared the record’s third single, “Mirror,” along with a pretty creepy music video.”

Northern Transmissions

“III is a mostly smoking collection that will thrill psych devotees, a hard and gnarly neon trip to binge on between Blue Cheer and the Brown Acid series.”

FUZZ Present New Single/Video | New Album Out This Friday
Vents Magazine

““Mirror” rides the previous tracks’ energies, with drums that pummel through high-power guitar riffs. It’s prime FUZZ, using III’s approach of taking the essential ingredients of “guitar based music” and “rock and roll power trio” and putting them on the chopping block.”

Fuzz Drop New Scorcher ‘Spit’ Alongside Surreal Stop-Motion Video
Rolling Stone

…“Spit” is another blast of blown-out, big riff rock from a group that’s always reliable in that realm, with drummer and singer Ty Segall presiding over the crunch with a vocal performance that edges on the serene. While the song packs an immediate punch, in a statement, guitarist Charles Moothart noted it was designed to have “a subtle tweak that over time gets more obvious. The verse riff almost feels like you’re falling asleep at the wheel then the chorus opens up with a melodic but sharp riff that adds to the punch-drunk feeling of the verse.”

Fuzz – “Spit”

…“‘Spit’ was written early in the process of working on III,” Moothart explains. “When Ty and I first started working on this song, we didn’t know if it was even going to be a FUZZ song or not. We wanted to make a song that felt straight forward, but had a subtle tweak that over time gets more obvious. The verse riff almost feels like you’re falling asleep at the wheel then the chorus opens up with a melodic, but sharp riff that adds to the punch-drunk feeling of the verse.”

FUZZ Release Guitar-Laden Single ‘Spit’

…“Spit” is a smattering of guitars that channels vintage ’90s alt and classic garage rock (and all of the great aspects of both genres) and dirt-under -your-fingernails grit, which makes perfect sense since they had Steve Albini mix the album. The video for the clip was created by Moothart, who used his quarantine time wisely and learned how to make stop-motion videos.”

Ty Segall’s Fuzz share animated “Spit” video from Albini-recorded new album
Brooklyn Vegan

…Ty Segall’s Fuzz share animated “Spit” video from Albini-recorded new album”‘Spit’ was written early in the process of working on III,” says Moonhart. “When Ty and I first started working on this song, we didn’t know if it was even going to be a FUZZ song or not. We wanted to make a song that felt straight forward, but had a subtle tweak that over time gets more obvious. The verse riff almost feels like you’re falling asleep at the wheel then the chorus opens up with a melodic, but sharp riff that adds to the punch-drunk feeling of the verse.”

FUZZ Unleash Crunchy New Single “Spit”: Stream Ty Segall-led garage rock outfit readies its first album in five years
Consequence of Sound

…:Ty Segall can’t stop, won’t stop in 2020. After releasing an EP of Harry Nilsson covers and a collaborative album with Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale, the prolific garage rocker has reconvened his FUZZ side project. The trio are expected to drop new album III next month, and in anticipation, they’re sharing a song dubbed “Spit”.

Fuzz – “Returning”

“Fuzz — the rad LA riff-rock band featuring Ty Segall on drums, Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich on bass, and Charles Moothart (aka CFM) on guitar — will be back with their third album this fall. Appropriately, it’s called III, and just as appropriately, its lead single is called “Returning.”…”

Ty Segall’s Fuzz Plots First Tour in Five Years
Rolling Stone

Fuzz — the trio of Ty Segall, Charles Moothart, and Chad Ubovich — will embark on their first North American tour in five years this May.

The run kicks off May 27th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and crisscrosses the United States and Canada over the next month, with a special three-night run at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles June 5th through 7th. Fuzz will wrap the trek June 28th at Mr. Small’s Theater in Pittsburgh.

Tickets for the tour go on sale January 31st at 10 a.m. CT. Per a press release, additional Fuzz news will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ty Segall’s Band Fuzz Announce Tour

Ty Segall, Charles Moothart, and Chad Ubovich’s band Fuzz is back. The band have announced a North American tour that takes place in May and June. Find those dates below.

The band’s last album II came out in 2015. Segall recently announced a new band with Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale called Wasted Shirt; their album Fungus II is out February 28.

Ty Segall’s FUZZ Play Canada on First Tour in Five Years

Weeks after mapping out tour dates with his Freedom Band, Ty Segall has revealed that FUZZ have plans to hit the road for their first tour in five years.

Segall and bandmates Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich will kick off the run in late May, with a first Canadian stop coming May 31 at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre.

From there, the band will play back-to-back nights at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall and Montreal’s La Tulipe on June 20 and 21, respectively.

Tickets for all dates go on sale Friday (January 31) at 11 a.m. local time.

Ty Segall’s FUZZ return for North American tour
Consequence of Sound

Ty Segall simply cannot be stopped. Not only is the prolific rocker heading out on his own solo trek, Segall has now announced a North American tour with his project FUZZ.

For FUZZ, which is rounded out by Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich, these new dates mark their first since 2015. Set for the months of May and June 2020, their itinerary includes shows in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The trio is also set to play three nights in Los Angeles and two in New York City.

Fuzz Announces First North American Tour In Five Years
Live For Live Music

This coming summer will see Fuzz, rounded out by Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich, hit the road beginning in late May and play 19 shows in 32 days, moving from west to east with a few token stops in Canada. The tour kicks off May 27th in San Francisco at Great American Music Hall, then Alladin Theater in Portland, OR (5/29); Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA (5/30); then the first stop in Canada at Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC (5/30). Afterward, the band will return to the States for shows at Harlow’s in Sacramento, CA (6/2) and Felton Music Hall in Santa Cruz, CA (6/3) followed by a three-night run at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles (6/5-7).

Ty Segall’s Fuzz Announce First North American Tour in Five Years (2 NYC shows)
Brooklyn Vegan

Fuzz – the hard rock trio of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals) – haven’t toured or released new material in quite a while, but they’ve just announced a 2020 North American tour, marking their first in five years. The tour includes two NYC shows and a three-night run in Los Angeles, along with other stops in Chicago, Philly, Seattle, Cambridge, Portland, Toronto, Baltimore, Vancouver, San Francisco, and lots more.

The NYC shows happen at Bowery Ballroom on June 24 (tickets) and Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 25 (tickets). Tickets for those dates (and the whole tour) go on sale this Friday (1/31) at 11 AM ET. All dates are listed below.

FUZZ Announces Reunion Tour

FUZZ — consisting of Ty Segall, Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich — will hit the road for a tour in 2020 after a five-year hiatus. The band’s first North American tour since Winter 2015 will span both coasts and includes stops at a number of cities in between.

The trio starts the tour at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on May 27. FUZZ’s West Coast swing also includes dates in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Sacramento, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. It’s then off to the Midwest for shows in Chicago and Cleveland ahead of a trip to Canada for performances in Toronto and Montreal. FUZZ ends the run in the Northeast with concerts in Cambridge (Massachusetts), New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Segall plays drums, Moothart is on guitar and Ubovich holds down the bass role in FUZZ and each share vocal duties. An announcement of the tour notes, “there will be additional FUZZ-related news in the coming weeks.” Tickets go up for grabs this Friday, January 31 at 10 a.m. CT.

FUZZ Returns and Announces North American Tour
Vents Magazine

FUZZ, comprised of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), announces a North American tour – their first since winter 2015. The band will bring their rowdy live shows across the states, including three nights at Los Angeles’s Teragram Ballroom and to Chicago’s Thalia Hall, New York’s Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg, and more. There will be additional FUZZ-related news in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale Friday, January 31st at 10am CT.

The Boston Globe Interviews Fuzz guitarist Charles Moonhart
Boston Globe

“Fuzz, a garage-rock-tinged metal band, has been around for about four years, but guitarist Charles Moothart (left) has been playing since high school with Ty Segall (right), a high-profile bandmate whose solo work is characterized by distorted vocals, psychedelic guitar riffs, and a sound melding garage, glam, and surf rock…”

All Music reviews Fuzz’s “II”

” Fuzz do try to fancy things up with string charts on the relatively graceful “Silent Sits the Dust Bowl,” and the 13-minute title track (yes, a song called “II”) shows this band can jam at length without losing the plot or the intensity…”

Montreal Rampage review Fuzz’s “II”
montreal rampage

“The results on their second album, II, are not much different from their self-titled debut except it’s clear Segall’s actually had more time to put into songwriting. Not only is the album longer, the songs take time to develop. Opener ‘Time Collapse pt. II / The 7th Terror’ starts off with the sound of a vinyl being scratched and chopped up under a needle which then segues into a barrage of low-end bass and guitar, amplifier gain turned up to a level that shouldn’t even be legal…”

NME reviews Fuzz’s “II”

“Louder, darker and half an hour longer than 2013’s self-titled debut, the double-album depicts a society numbed by its own emptiness; a world where people can’t think for themselves. You can hear it in the combative frustration behind ‘Red Flag’ (“Seen the secrets of your wasteland/Open up, I’ll make you face them”) and the flashes of fatalism in songs like ‘New Flesh’ (“Feel no pain, feel no sadness/In this world where living is lifeless”)…”

Maxim preview Fuzz’s new LP “Fuzz II”

“On their second album, Fuzz II (due October 23), the three friends—Segall on drums, guitarist Charles Moothart, and bassist Chad Ubovich—pick up right where their pummeling, proto-metal, self-titled 2013 debut left off…”

MixDown Magazine Shares Fuzz’s ‘Rat Race’
MixDown Magazine

“The new release comes of the back of the band’s 2013 self titled debut LP Fuzz, released through independent Californian record label In The Red Records. Very little has been said by the band about this latest release. The band seems to be content with letting the music do the talking.

LA Weekly Talks to Fuzz about their upcoming album
LA Weekly

“the Ty Segall-fronted (or backed, since he sings from behind the drum kit) project has gained a new bassist: Chad Ubovich, mastermind behind one of our favorite groups to emerge out of the local scene in 2014, Meatbodies. And when it came time to write their forthcoming LP, Fuzz II, out Oct. 23 on In The Red, the group took a stab at a songwriting process that was foreign to each of them, resulting in a much darker, doomier and, as Ubovich notes, “way more evil” sound…”

Consequence of Sound review Fuzz’s “II”
Consequence of Sound

“If II proves anything, it’s that Fuzz remains a force to be reckoned with. Segall and co. have only honed their chops in the years since their debut, and it’s almost terrifying to project what will come in the next stage of their evolution…”

Northern Transmissions review Fuzz’s “II”
Northern Transmissions

“The opener, “Time Collapse Pt II./ The 7th Terror” has Segalls’ vocals screaming over the coming doom no one can escape. “Let it Live” comes with an opening riff that rattles over Chad Ubovich’s bass and Segall’s more than competent drumming. The song comes to a close with a wailing string section, which scratches itself right into the thrashing of Mootheart’s guitar. ..”

NPR Stream Fuzz’s “II”

“With a new Fuzz album, though, Segall is back in the spotlight, playing drums with his power trio of guitarist Charlie Moothart (Moonhearts) and bassist Chad Ubovich (Meatbodies). This time around, he heaves forth an impressive 14-song double album made for headbanging and the cultivation of bad vibes, as if all the warmth and goodwill of last year’s Manipulator had turned to ash…

Uncut reviews Fuzz at End Of The Road Festival

“As primal as these noises are, however, the stoner-metal trio’s music is surprisingly complex. Californian wunderkind Ty Segall is on drums and vocals, his face covered in corpsepaint, Charles Moothart from the Ty Segall Band is on guitar and vocals and Chad Ubovich is on bass and vocals, and the three seem to have an almost telepathic bond…”