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The AV Club reviews Emotional Mugger
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It should be more exhausting to keep up with Ty Segall. The clip at which the garage-glam savant releases records is on par with the ’70s supernatural output of our dear departed friend David Bowie.

The AV Club premieres Quintron & Miss Pussycat’s new video “I Hear Voices” + tour dates
The AV Club

Quintron And Miss Pussycat exemplify the best of modern New Orleans rock. An eccentric and arty twist on swamp rock, the group mixes synthesizer sounds with modern science as Quintron messes with instruments of his own creation. His latest analog synth invention features prominently in his band the Weather Warlock, a term that’s apt considering the machine is controlled by weather patterns. Below, The A.V. Club has the premiere of the new video for “I Hear Voices.” Though it’s an unreleased jam, the tune is somewhat similar to “Death In Space” from Quintron’s latest record, Spellcaster II: Death In Space. As weird as everything about Quintron suggestions, the clip for “I Hear Voices” blends glitchy VHS images with some heavy guitar playing from Eyehategod’s Aaron Hill.